Yann Le Bras, Jean Paul Mongin: The Death of Socrates

Yann Le Bras, Jean Paul Mongin

The Death of Socrates

Traduit par Anna Street

relié, 64 pages


For those who look for truth: On the origins of Western philosophy

“Tell us, Delphic Oracle, who is the wisest man in all of Greece?” So begins The Death of Socrates. No mortal man is wiser than Socrates, who, on his daily walks through Athens, talks to all the people he meets. When the person he talks to takes himself to be very wise, Socrates asks so many questions that the person ends up admitting he knows nothing. When he runs into people who know little, Socrates sets them on the way to wisdom. But not everyone shares Socrates’s love for the truth. When the people of Athens put him on trial for his ceaseless questioning, how will he find the courage to continue to speak the truth?

  • la mort
  • pensée

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