Donatien Mary, Ronan de Calan: The Ghost of Karl Marx

Donatien Mary, Ronan de Calan

The Ghost of Karl Marx

Traduit par Anna Street

relié, 64 pages


For those who look for a quarrel: The idea of communism

In The Ghost of Karl Marx, the philosopher is saddened when the town weavers must sell their cloth cheaply to compete with machines. The farmers too cannot sell their crops and have no money to buy new seeds. Forced to leave their work, the townspeople form an angry crowd in front of the factories, but what is to be done when there are so many hungry people and so few jobs to pay for food to eat? Concealed in one of the weavers’ sheets, the philosopher makes a solemn vow to give this story a happy ending by finding the Market, that infernal magician, and ridding the town of him once and for all.

  • Karl Marx
  • pauvreté
  • justice
  • capitalisme
  • travail

“What astonishing Pocket-Marx! Charming and smart, perfect for any children’s room revolution and with a lesson for every adult as well.”—Süddeutsche Zeitung

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